Photo Credit: Sonia Sones

natalie standiford

Natalie “G-Nat” Standiford first picked up the bass after accidentally setting fire to her roommate, Miffy Birnbaum’s, imitation Dior bedspread at Miss Pickleworth’s Finishing School for Young Ladies. "Its tackiness offended me," she offered in her defense, through a cloud of clove cigarette smoke. Expelled from Baltimore high society, Nat traveled the country slapping the bass for the seminal Riot Grrrl band, Yoko Ono, Dos, Tres, and later supported herself via her oversized sunglasses line—Oui, Ennui—carried at many fine stores in Williamsburg. Voted "Most Likely to Appear as a Character in a Wes Anderson Tribute Film," Nat is known for cupping the chins of her fans and whispering, “You remind me of a time when I was happy. Stay gold.”